Privacy Policy


The International Paper, holder of the copyrights of “Chamex” trademark, respects the individual privacy and values the confidence of its employers, members, clients, distributors, shopkeepers, sellers and all people involved in its business (“Users”).
Hence, International Paper keeps Personal Information from Users (“Personal Information”) that are informed by them on the Website (www.chamex.com.br) and uses and discloses the information following the current law in each country that are in business with International Paper, reaching the highest ethic patterns in its corporate practices.

How it works

The Privacy Policy of Chamex Website (“Privacy Policy”) applies to all Personal Information, in any form or platform, related to all Users beforementioned that are informed in the Website (www.chamex.com.br).


To the purpuse of this policy, “Personal Information” will henceforth mean any information or pieces of information, each or combined with other pieces of personal information, that International Paper might use, directly or indirectly, to identify a User.
Personal Information does not include anonymous information, neither information available to the public.

Principles of Privacy

When collecting, processing, storing, using or revealing Personal Information, International Paper will abide the following principles:

Notififcations and consent

Always in the sake of respect, Internetional Paper informs the Users, whose Personal Information are collected:
• The objective of collection and use of Personal Information;
• Which types of third parties that receive that information or to whom it might be revealed;

International Paper compromises to notify Users before any use of Personal Information. No Personal Information will be collected without previous consent of User to its collection, use and disclosure, unless it is allowed by applicable law.

Under some circunstances, the consente will result from the relation between International Paper and User. When the User provides information to International Paper, the User permits its collection, use and disclosure, according to this Privacy Policy, available online, and according with other privacy policies of International Paper.

As stablished on the applicable law, User might refuse or withdraw consent through notification reasonably in advance. International Paper will inform the User about the consequences of the withdraw.

Use permission

International Paper will also create effort to offer Users, as long as it is viable and reasonable under the circumstances, the option of choosing whether their Personal Information (a) can be disclosed to third parties, or (b) can be used to other ends that the ones that originally intended.
Besides, International Paper will make large efforts to provide the Users methods to make those choices.

Access and correction of information

By request and under the terms defined by applicable law, when existent, International Paper will provide Users reasonable access to Personal Information archived about them.

According with the applicable law, the permission can be denied when:

• The access can reveal Personal Information of someone else and, thus, violate others’ privacy rights;
• The access might reveal information related to any investigation in course conducted by International Paper;
• The access can potentially reveal confidential information of International Paper;
• The cost of access would be significantly disproportional compared to its benefits;
• International Paper believes, in good faith, that the request has not been made to correct data, but to omit or change data that could adversely affect the User that requested correction;
• At any moment, it becomes clear that the access requests of some User are unjustified;

In case a request is denied, International Paper will notify the applicant in written form about the reasons to the denial.
Consistently with the maintenance of Personal Information in the normal course of its business, International Paper will provide information in an understandable way. Beyond that, the company might impose a reasonable charge when a request is made – for instance, a request of photocopy or mail. International Paper will also act reasonably to allow the User to correct, edit or erase information demonstrably incorrect or incomplete.
In order to protect itself from fraudulent access requests, International Paper may demand information to confirm User identity, before giving access to Personal Information.

Data reliability

International Paper will use Personal Information only in manners that are compatible with the ends to which they have been collected or after User consent.

Besides, International Paper will also act reasonably to assure Personal Information are relevant to the intended use, and also precise, complete and updated.

Disclosure of Information

International Paper will look for certification of any third parties to which information is revealed or transferred to. The aim is to guarantee protection of this information in a consistent way, following this Privacy Policy.

In case International Paper finds use of disclosure of Personal Information that is contrary to this Privacy Policy, the company may appeal in order to prevent or block improper use or disclosure. Applicable law demands consent from User before their Personal Information might be revealed to third parties. Hence, International Paper will ask for consent before transferring data. However, there might be circumstances that demand transference of Personal Information without previous consent from the User, such as:

• Demand by judicial order or public agency order;
• Protection of rights, privacy, security or assets of a person or a group of people;
• To stablish, collect budget due to International Paper or to finalize operations with third parties;
• The information is public.

In Case International Paper must reveal Personal Information, it will not expose more than necessary. International Paper do not sell or lease Personal Information to other people or entities, except in the cases when it is mentioned at the moment of data collection.

Access and distribution of data abroad

As International Paper conducts business in many countries and the company is hosted in the United States of America, information collected in one country might be processed in another, including USA, in which the laws can stablish different levels of protection in comparison to those from the country of collection. Personal Information collected in one country might be subjected to access and disclosure to agencies of law appliance from jurisdiction other than the original country of collection. International Paper might also share Personal Information with organizations and entities that work in it behalf, and those organizations and entity might be located in other countries and not the original country of collection.

Safe Harbor Privacy Policy

International Paper follows Safe Harbor’s structure [Porto Seguro], as it is stablished by Commercial Department of the United States of America, for Personal Information received from countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. For more information, please consult Safe Harbor’s Privacy Policy of International Paper.

Online Privacy

Information collection

The navigation on the virtual page of Chamex is anonymous and Personal Information is not collected. However, some areas of our online pages might ask that you provide Personal Information voluntarily, including your name, e-mail address or similar information to send correspondence, to register on the website, or even to effect a purchase or participate of online research.

In those cases, User can refuse to provide Personal Information, but, therefore, cannot access the related resources. International Paper can also retain electronic communication that the User send to our consumer service staff, other staff members, webmasters, associated or service providers as a way to improve continually the area of consumer services.

Website Chamex virtual pages track information of its visitors. International Paper cannot collect certain non-personal information from Users that do not reveal their personal identity, such as browser information, information collected via cookies, pixel tags and other technologies, and accumulated information. For instance, International Paper can use that information to compile statistics exhibiting daily requests of private files in a website and from which countries those requests come. International Paper uses those statistics to customize its website to better reach your needs, being also able to share them with third parties.

About cookies use

International Paper uses “cookies” as a standard resource of websites, and they make it possible to store little amount of the User’s computer data about the website visit.

Cookies help facilitating the website navigation and allow the company to discover which areas are useful and which ones need improvement. International Paper uses several types of cookies, among them, essential ones of authentication and functionality, allowing the User to navigate using services and resources.

Without those necessary cookies, the website will not have an optimized performance and some services might not be available to you. Preferred cookies collect information about choices and User preferences, and guarantee, for instance, that the website is customized in your chosen language.

Cookies management www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html for information about commonly used browsers. Be aware that, if the cookies are disabled, not all website resources might work as planned.

IP Addresses

User’s “IP address” is a number automatically generated by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) designated to the computer that the User is accessing. When the Users visit a Chamex virtual page, their IP address are automatically identified and connected, along with visit duration and the pages that have been visited.

IP addresses collection is a common practice on the internet. International Paper uses the IP addresses to provide custom-made content to each country or to manage the Website. International Paper consider IP addresses as non-personal information.

Other virtual pages

International Paper virtual pages can contain links to other websites, and International Paper make specific efforts to stablish links only to websites that share high standards and that respect privacy. However, International Paper is not responsible by the content or the practices that affect privacy of those websites.

Underage users (18)

International Paper does not intentionally collect any Personal Information (such as name, address and telephone number) from people under 18 (eighteen) years old, on the virtual page. International Paper instructs underage people not to send that information.

Furthermore, International Paper does not allow people under 18 (eighteen) years old to subscribe or to participate in contests or promotions in its websites. However, if parents or legal tutors of a child under 18 (eighteen) years old believes that their children have provided Personal Information and want to erase it, those parents or legal tutors must contact International Paper to remove the information from the systems.

In case International Paper finds out who possesses Personal Information from a person under 18 (eighteen) years old in a recoverable way in their files, the company commits to erase it.

Legal Warning

When using the website, the User agrees with this Privacy Policy and with the Terms and Conditions available on the same website. If the User does not agree with this Privacy Policy and with the Terms and Conditions of International Paper, the User should not use this website.

International Paper reserves its right to, by its own criteria, alter, modify, add or remove parts of this Privacy Policy at any time. The User should check this page periodically to access future changes, once the continued access to the website after the publication of changes in this Privacy Policy means that the User agrees with it.

International Paper takes reasonable and adequate precautions to protect Personal Information under its possession of loss, improper use, non-authorized use, disclosure, alteration and destruction, and to respond to improper use, loss or non-authorized use of that information.


International Paper checks regularly the observance to this and other Privacy Policies. Except when injuring the applicable law, any employer, member or person hired from International Paper that violates this Privacy Policy will be subjected to adequate disciplinary actions, including even termination of work contract or hiring process.

Controvery resolution

Any douts or questions related to use or disclosure of Personal Information should be forwarded to International Paper, to the address indicated below. International Paper will investigate complaints and controversies related to use and disclosure of Personal Information, according to the principles contained in this Privacy Policy.

Contact information

Doubts or comments about this Privacy Policy should be sent to:

International Paper do Brasil Ltda.

Avenida Luís Carlos Berrini, 105
São Paulo/SP, 04571-900
E-mail: ethics@ipaper.com

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